Defense Against the Dark Arts | Class 1 – Introductions

((DISCLAIMER: This is a roleplaying account for the World of Hogwarts (WoH) RP sim on Second Life. All references to the character in the title are my own intellectual property, and all characters mentioned in this and any further blog posts are purely fictitious and belong to other players in the WoH MMO RPG. Nobody has permission to use, play, or copy any information from these posts to be used or re-used for their own purposes without first getting written consent from the owners of said intellectual property. Thank you.))

Welcome Class,

I am Professor Jonathon Emrys Bellehaven, retired Auror for the Ministry of Magic and a Hogwarts Ravenclaw Alumnus, myself. I will forthwith be teaching the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. It is my job to prepare you for the world outside of Hogwarts. In doing so, I hope to equip you with the skills necessary for survival.

In my class you will face your darkest fears, you will question everything, even your very being. Self-reflection, self-realization, and self-discovery are the keys to mastering the tools you need to protect yourselves. Yes, this class will teach you all about combat magic, spells, curses, counter curses, and all about creatures big and small that are as subtle as they are deadly. I can teach you all of that and more…but only you can teach yourself to know your limits. Once you know your limits, learn your weaknesses, I can help you turn them into strengths.

In this class, details matter. The details can mean all the difference between life and death. It is in your best interest to pay very close attention. There is much to learn and so very little time in which to learn it. Pay attention, and you will likely live to a ripe old age. Waste my time, and you will likely end up buried six feet under in a pine box. No parent should ever have to be the ones to outlive their child. Don’t make yours be them.

Make no mistake…this class is difficult, and will only continue to grow in difficulty as you reach closer to your fifth year. At year five, you will take your OWLs (Ordinary Wizarding Levels). If you achieve an O (Outstanding) on your OWL for Defense Against the Dark Arts, you will then move forward into my NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) level class. At years six and seven in my NEWT level classes you will learn what it takes to become an Auror if you so choose to follow that path post-graduation.

This week we will be covering fear and honesty. This lesson is more for your benefit than for mine. Revealing a weakness, a true fear, in front of your peers and never knowing if they’ll use it against you or help you to overcome it –this is how it feels to be in the real world facing real dangers…dangers that can think, logic and reason; dangers that can outsmart you, play you like a game of cat and mouse. Control your fears, master them, and they cannot be turned against you. Lie about them, lie to your peers, lie to yourself…and you’ll find yourself squatting right in the palm of your enemy’s hand as their fingers close around you like a vise, squeezing the life right out of you.

How does it make you feel to be open? Were you honest with me about your fears? Were you honest with yourself? Do you even know what fears you possess? I promise your enemies will find out, so you’d better find them first.

For your homework, I want each of you to come up with a list of no less than thirteen things that absolutely terrify you. Things that fuel your nightmares. Things you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. I understand you’re all very different, and come from different backgrounds. Some of you have known loss, some of you have never wanted for anything since the day you were born. We each have our own unique concept of fear…I want you to explore yours. The assignment will be read by my eyes only and will not be shared with the class. Consider it a development of your critical thinking skills.

If there are no further questions, I’ll see you all in class next week.


Bellehaven Signature

(World of Hogwarts – SecondLife MMO RPG Sim.)

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